Monday, July 06, 2015

Letter to Camp #1

My 10 year old is away at sleep over camp -- a RenFair camp, since that's what's compelling enough to spend 6 nights away from home if you are the child of two geeks.  Here's the first letter I wrote to her.

Dear J,

I hope you are having a wonderful time at camp.

Things I hope you are enjoying:
meeting new people who think renfair camp is as cool as you do
fighting with swords
living in the forest
bug bites
enough food to keep you going
a good night's rest after a busy day
living away from your parents
pretending to live in the 15th century
sleeping in a castle
figuring out just a little bit of life on your own

What we are enjoying without you here:
swim lessons with T
earlier bedtimes
fewer drop offs in the morning
missing you
ice cream
(in other words: you are not  missing much, except for the ice cream!)

Be Brave.  Try something that scares you every day.



p.s. I hope you are getting ice cream, too.

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