Tuesday, July 01, 2003

On Howard Dean

It's worth noting that a local company, Convio, is running the Deanforamerica.com site for Howard Dean, most importantly his fundraising efforts. They've raised $7M this quarter, with over $800,000 yesterday. The opinionjournal.com had an interesting bit on the fundraising yesterday.

This campaign is fascinating from a technology perspective, because they are using "best of breed" technology all over the place. They've got a blog running on Moveable Type, they are using meetup.com to organize local meetings, they've got a .tv site for media clips (not sure this is best of breed), in addition to the Convio software which is managing their main site and fundraising (and "friend-raising" where people get their friends to donate).

I'll also note that Lieberman and Carey both host through Convio as well, although they obviously don't get it as well as Dean does.