Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Cool: Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress.

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Location ideas for the Austin area:
Water: Barton Springs (the shallow ledge), Tivoli Building water works, the flat fountain at the domain. Hamilton Falls. Wondering about the refurbished Deep Eddy pavillion and pool?
Nature: I'd love some good mud spots, but can't think of any. Cliffs around Lake Travis might be cool, though.
Dirt: Dad's shop. (lots of grease! I love this idea!!!) Climb on the fender on a truck, "work" on the engine, roll a dolly underneath the dolly, etc.

This just might be the incentive I need to fit back into my wedding dress....

Iestyn's Bike Car

My friend Iestyn's Harbor Freight fueled innovation: a 4 wheeled pedal and electric powered vehicle



Read all about it here.

Tiny Texas Houses

Neat, Tiny Texas Houses. I'm wondering if I could put one of these in my backyard for an office/guest bedroom instead of building on. Or if I could attach it to my house with a walkway or something?

See also.

Victoria Magazine Returns

I've complained before that all my favorite magazines seem to go out of business... However I'm happy to share that Victoria Magazine is back!

How it's back is even more interesting. A company called Hoffman Media has a partnership with Hearst (the original publisher) to publish the magazine. According to the press release, under the terms of the agreement, Hoffman will handle all editorial, production, distribution and advertising for Victoria. Hearst will contribute the Victoria trademark, copyright, URL (, subscription database, and access to historical content of both editorial and art.

Interesting. Smart. I just hope they hire Nancy Lindemeyer, the original editor, for some role (even just contributor). She was the heart and soul of Victoria.

My new subscription form came the day after I had read one of my beloved back issues. If you want to understand why Victoria was so wonderful, I direct you to this blog post and the ensuing comments -- they could have been writen by yours truly, if I was a better writer.

If you are interested in the business story of Victoria, I direct you here. Very interesting.