Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Feeding my kids: Breakfast

A friend just asked what I feed my kids for breakfast.  Here's what I told her:

My 3 guidelines are:
1)  vary breakfast/meals as much as possible (we try for 5-7 different meals for breakfast) -- variation hopefully leads to more openness about all food
2)  fruit at every meal (or veg, if I could make that work)
3)  I think everyone's blood sugar is more even with protein at breakfast.
and bonus:  Ben and I take turns which makes #1 easier, but I still have to make #2 happen personally.
reference:  Tavie is 3 and Josie is 9

Example Breakfasts:

  • yogurt "sundaes" -- greek yogurt (sometimes plain, sometimes vanilla) with frozen fruit defrosted to be saucy and a sprinkle of cereal and a drizzle of chocolate syrup
  • steel cut oats -- I parboil these in the microwave the night before and then it's just 5 minutes in the morning.  Josie likes hers with pesto/cheese/bacon bits; Tavie likes hers with chocolate chips (sigh).
  • pancakes made with one of the bob's red mill pancake mixes (make on the weekends and serve leftovers)
  • frozen waffles (kashi or similar)
  • grits -- I buy the frozen "true grits" from HEB (Josie only, Tavie won't eat)
  • cheese toast -- multigrain "good bread" with sharp cheddar melted on top
  • french toast made with good bread and egg substitute (makes it easier/faster)
  • scrambled eggs (Tavie only, sigh)
  • boiled eggs (Tavie only again)
  • peanut butter + banana + honey open faced sandwich (Tavie deconstructs, oh well)
  • apples slices and peanut butter/almond butter
  • refrigerator biscuits (the ones with some whole grain/bran) with bacon
  • muffins (freeze & defrost) -- I can share the whole grain, lower sugar recipes I've found
  • sausage -- either the natural stuff (applegate farms?) or the not-so-good but oh-so-popular lil smokies (turkey)
  • sweet quinoa -- made with half milk/water, stir in chocolate chips

I'm sure there is more, but that's most of our rotation.
I also think it's perfectly reasonable to serve dinner foods for breakfast.  I offer leftovers for breakfast as a way to encourage my kids to stop eating chicken fingers and french fries (sigh) when they are sated, rather that overstuff themself.
And my breakfast ideas pinterest board:
not all for the girls, but gives some ideas...