Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The demise of snow days

Austin is experiencing it's third day of "snow" (ice?) days, and I'm noticing how much more stressful a snow day is than it used to be. Used to be, you couldn't get to the office, the kids didn't have school, and you all hung around playing outside, watching movies, doing crafts, etc. These days (am I really old enough to be saying "these days?), you can't get to the office, the kids don't have school, and yet between broadband, your laptop, and your very internationalized work you are logged on and trying to put in a full day's work on top of keeping your kids entertained and figuring out what to feed everyone for lunch and dinner.

Today is probably the worst of the three days for driving (at least there isn't any precipitation), but school was open again and Ben and I were so sick of being cooped up that we braved it just to get some peace and quiet at work. Sad. (In our defense, we did have a good time hanging with J. over the last two days -- sleeping in, dancing in the living room, reading lots of books, playing with every toy she owns...)

(The great pic is from the Austin Real Estate Blog.)