Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kaboodle's cool collage feature

Kaboodle has some very neat features they've added recently. I was particularly impressed with their collage view of a list of items. Here's one I created for a dress I am thinking about having made:

This functionality is very close to my outfit builder functionality for Dressr... should I worry? Choosing not to, Kaboodle and Dressr have very different focuses.


I don't mommy-blog that often (other than my Parenthacks), but my daughter is acquiring vocabulary at an amazing rate, and I wanted to share my favorite word: pappy. Pappy is her attempt at "happy", and I think a pretty cool thing for a 15 month old to have in her vocabulary. She'll use it to indicate "life is good, doesn't get much better than this" -- playing on the playground, eating ice cream, hanging out with both her dad and I. It's a wonderful reminder for me that simple things are enough to make her happy, and I should enjoy the same things.

(How did she get the word happy? I can't claim much credit here -- it's a combination of getting happy face stamps on her hand (random fun thing) at childcare, and a book we have called Baby Faces that features babies with different emotions. The first page in the book is "happy" and J. seems to have pattern matched that and the happy faces and figured out a pretty abstract concept.)