Wednesday, August 01, 2007

artistic abcedaries

Because some of my blogger friends have a thing for abcedaries, I thought I'd point out these finds on DaddyTypes:

P is for Peanut featuring images from the Getty Photo Collection.

Peter's ABC Book.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Turkey Talk: the supplies

I'm still too tired to actually write about our trip to Turkey, but here's some quick product reviews for things that made a two week trip with a 2 year old much, much easier:

A knockoff (from Target) of the Skip Hop portable diapering kit.

The Coppertone Kids Continuous Spray SunScreen. OMG, this stuff is so easy to apply that we all used it. I'm particularly proud that none of us got sunburnt despite 2 weeks of walking and hiking in 100+ degree sun. It came with a convenient sunblock stick, which was easy to carry for touchups.

Instead of a purse, I carried a small canvas drawstring backpack. (Sort of like these, but even simpler.) Big enough to fit the aforementioned diaper kit, as well as 2 water bottles, papers, money, guidebooks, etc. It was simple enough even Ben would carry it...

Although it's not kid-specific, I also have to endorse the Ricardo Beverly Hills 2 compartment pullman suiter rollaboard suitcase. It's not a fancy designer or anything, but I love these suitcases so much I'm on my second one (the first lasted for about 7 years of hard business travel). The neat thing about them is that they have a well separated hanging section, so you don't need to carry a garment bag (all in the space of a normal roll-aboard).

We were surprised at how much we used our stroller (and how little we used our backpack carrier), and while I was wishing we had a better stroller while we were there, I was extemely pleased it was an el cheapo umbrella stroller when Air France decided to keep it.

Turkey Talk: playing kitchen

playing kitchen
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What you get when you take a 2-year-old to Turkey: playing kitchen in an 800 year old monastery kitchen carved into a cave.

(in Cappodocia...)