Friday, June 02, 2006

Austin Kid-friendly weekend bet: "Hot Art, Hip Kids" at the Blanton

From the Blanton's website:

Offered four times a year, Hot Art, Hip Kids allows children (ages 6-12) and their adult companions to experience and learn about works of art together and have fun at the museum through looking, writing, drawing, and playing games. Each Hot Art, Hip Kids includes a hands-on studio activity, facilitated interactive stations for families to explore, and special family-oriented performers such as dancers, singers, or storytellers.

11-4:30 on Saturday. Free.

I also heard on KUT there's also a tween (teen?) scene as part of the Blanton's First Friday (6PM - midnight) B Scene, but I couldn't find anything about it on their website. ($5 members/$10 mon-members)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

another business idea (Are we starting to see a theme here yet?)

I was hosting a bridal shower this weekend, and talk turned to a shower being thrown for the groom -- a tool shower (how cool is that? I want one!). The tool shower host's wife said "If Home Depot had a snack bar he'd be hosting it there." I think this is a business opportunity for someone... independent hardware store? local caterer? lowe's or home depot? Someone should figure out how to do this.
Gracious Living: Candles in the Shower

Ever since J. was born, I've been taking my evening showers in the dark -- not 100% dark, just mostly dark. It's a way to remind my brain it's time to start relaxing -- if I don't, I may never get to sleep! One of my newer additions to this ritual is lighting a candle to make the mood even more mellow. Cheap, easy, fast -- try it sometime!