Friday, April 20, 2012

Parenting notes from Bringing Up Bebe

I liked Bringing Up Bebe, but then I like any parenting book that supports "my way" of parenting (and this one does).  Here's my specific take-aways (mostly around feeding.):

1)  Le Pause -- wait a moment (or 5!) before responding.  In other words, don't hover.  Especially true for babies learning to sleep, but also good for teaching kids to rely on their own resources instead of expecting rescue.

2)  Eat at set times.  Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner.

3) Start dinner/meals with a "cold vegetable starter."  -- this has *totally* worked for us.  I've been putting out raw veggie plates with dip and the amount and variety of vegetables both girls eat/try has increased.  (Admittedly from 1 piece to 4 pieces, but that is a big multiplier.) 

4)  Course out meals.  I don't put *anything* else on the table until the starter has been eaten (at least some).  Then I put out the main.  Cheese, bread, and fruit (my family's go-to foods) are not put out until last, if I'm serving them.