Saturday, November 09, 2013

Things I Like

I was considering calling this the "Things I Like -- Frugal Edition", but really, anything I really enjoy is going to be relatively frugal, because spending money carelessly is not something I like.  Perhaps I should call this "Things I Like -- Fun Edition" because both of these are fun.  Cheap fun.

First, Yellow Tail Bubbles.  These are solid champagnes (flat, the white is a bit Gew├╝rztraminer-like), but the brilliance comes in the cork.  The Zork, to be exact, a resealable champagne cork that works better than any champagne-sealing-solution I've tried before.  I can open one of these babies for Friday Happy Hour, have a glass or two a day, and still have plenty of nose tickling bubbles by Wednesday.  Amazing, really.  Moderate champagne consumption, without those silly little bottles.  Yellow Tail even has a video about the Zork.

Second, these Ikea funnels.  (We have the red ones.)  They made great bath and pool toys all summer, but where they really shined was at the beach last month.  The dome shape made for awesome futuristic cities and dome topped ziggurats (bucket + funnel).

 And the funnel itself could be filled with wet sand and dripped into drip castles or used to decorate the aforementioned cities.  Hard to beat for $1.