Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Cool: Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress.

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Location ideas for the Austin area:
Water: Barton Springs (the shallow ledge), Tivoli Building water works, the flat fountain at the domain. Hamilton Falls. Wondering about the refurbished Deep Eddy pavillion and pool?
Nature: I'd love some good mud spots, but can't think of any. Cliffs around Lake Travis might be cool, though.
Dirt: Dad's shop. (lots of grease! I love this idea!!!) Climb on the fender on a truck, "work" on the engine, roll a dolly underneath the dolly, etc.

This just might be the incentive I need to fit back into my wedding dress....

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Iestyn Lewis said...

I'm just going to bookmark that site for... later.... perusal...

I had no idea you had a blog (with a link to mine!), I added you to my sidebar.

Next spring Trisha and I really need to get out your way. Maybe the winter - my sister and her husband plan to spend the winter in Austin.