Monday, May 01, 2006

More of my Parenthacks:

Orisinal online games: simple, subtle, fun

A trick for getting medicine into babies

Target's prescription bottles simplify measuring and dispensing medicine

Teaching kids to use chopsticks

Podcast on getting children to eat well

And on BabyGadget, Intellicot. (Jenna did not link to this blog in her post, despite my including the link in the email. Guess I'll have to be more blunt about it in the future.)

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Matt said...

What a great list of tips Sara - nicely tracked down :)

I am a co-founder of and we would love to see some of your ideas on our parent-to-parent site (you can link back yourself so no risk of missing links).

Apologies in advance for my own blogger page as it is really justa private diary for close friends (not for traffic ;) ).

Keep up the parent tips, they are great.

Matt Minti Co-founder