Tuesday, June 05, 2007

water bottles -- a consumer dilemma

So Miss J.'s just moved up to the 2 year old class at school, and one of the new supplies required is a water bottle.

You'd think this would be easy.

But I *hate* all the sippy cup/water bottles that are full of Disney or Viacom characters -- I know J knows who Dora is, but do I really need to line the pockets of a media giant just to give her a bottle to drink out of?

Additionally, J. loves our old MS 150 Water Bottles. I should probably just send one of those to school with her, but I think they are a bit big and I've managed to lose both of them at Jazzercise in the last week. (A full year with no loss, and then I lose 2 in a week because it's getting hot and I'm carrying them with me when we do floor work instead of leaving them by my purse...)

So what I really want to get her is one of the very trendy new Sigg bottles that are popping up everywhere. I first noticed them on my friend Waqas's kitchen counter, then at Whole Foods, and now they are at Borders has knockoffs of them, too.

I can argue they are better designed -- they are, with the cover that goes over the pop up top -- or more healthy -- no horrible BPAs -- but really, they are just cooler. (And hotter at the same time -- metal with no insulation in Texas during the summer -- am I crazy?)

Interesting -- by the time I've become aware of them, there are already many chinese manufacturers knocking them off. (Hey Kara -- here's an idea for your fall festival next year -- order and sell some of these water bottles with a custom design -- maybe your installation artist + school name? I bet they'd be a big hit! You'd have to come up with some way to label them with kid's names, too.)

And while I'm at it, maybe I should get myself one, too. In fact, that's what this whole dilemma is about. It's not about whether J. should have the cool water bottle -- she could care less. It's about whether *my* daughter should have the most trendy thing, because *I* actually want it. So the obvious thing to do is buy *myself* the Sigg water bottle. Miss J. can have a plain plastic one (still no Dora, sorry!), and if for some reason she takes a shining to my water bottle I'll consider getting her one too.


mamacita said...

Selling water bottles is an excellent idea. I will let you know how that turns out. (Thanks for starting the research for me!)

Wanting trendy things for my kids is the story of my life! Maybe by wanting those things we are immunizing our kids against that kind of desire, because they'll rebel by not caring. Right? Right?

TXroots said...

Well you can always justify the purchase for yourself by deciding you'll travel with it this summer. A water bottle is alway necessary on those long trips, and it will be hot!

Sara said...

Update on this dilemma: I bought *myself* an alumni water bottle -- a knock off Sigg at Borders for $7. J. got a plain blue nalgene one. We both love them.