Thursday, September 06, 2007

More on Josh Warren -- fund for Nathan

If you want to make a contribution in Josh's memory, drop me a note (saracarl at alumni rice edu) and I'll forward the specifics about the account that Ryan Bates and Dave Jones setup.

This is the email that Ryan Bates sent out:

We have more information for those of you interested in making a contribution for the fund for Lauren and Nathan and dedicated to Josh's memory. To facilitate donations in the interim, we have set up a savings account here in Lauren's name to which contributions can be sent. For those who are attending the memorial service tomorrow, there will also be envelopes and a box for contributions, or you can speak to me or Dave Jones personally.

(bank details deleted)

Finally, if you make a contribution via mail, please send me or Dave Jones an email as well. I think Lauren would appreciate knowing about all the people who care about her, Nathan, and Josh, and we don't want anyone's contribution to be overlooked.

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