Monday, September 10, 2007

Rails Envy Commericals

If you know what Ruby on Rails is, you should check out these commercials by Greg and Jason.

Based on the Apple ads, they compare Rails with many of the other web development tools out there. Here's the one comparing it with Java:

I met Greg and Jason this weekend at Lone Star Ruby Conf, where they premiered the ads with Python and Django. (Hilarious, both.) They aren't posted on their website yet, but will be in the coming weeks.

Great example of someone coming up with a clever idea, executing on it, leveraging their network (friend with a film degree) and free technology (it's a blog and youtube), and then putting themselves out there and emailing the RailsConf organizers to see if they wanted to show some of the videos. Instant fame, at least in the Rail community. And since they are a custom web house, it's great brand recognition and advertising for them.

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