Thursday, March 24, 2011

Korma Sauce

My family would eat "rice and sauce" for dinner seven nights a week, if I let them. I like simmer sauces because they make most meals three ingredient meals -- protein, sauce, starch. (I usually add a fruit and vegetable, too!) It's hard to find lower sodium simmer sauces, but there are some out there. They are great because they have already done the thinking (how much salt? what other spices?) for you, not to mention a fast way to get dinner on the table.

My new lower sodium pantry staple is Seeds of Change Korma sauce (290 mg sodium/serving). I've made it twice, both with chicken (their website has a recipe for prawn korma that looks yummy too). It's a pretty thick gloppy sauce -- not really enough to provide gravy for your rice -- so the second time I diluted it with a can of lite coconut milk. With that addition, we had a mild, flavorful sauce that everyone liked. (The big girl ate two servings!)

nutritional information from Organic Direct.

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