Monday, July 06, 2015

Letter to Camp #2

My 10 year old is away at sleep over camp -- a RenFair camp, since that's what's compelling enough to spend 6 nights away from home if you are the child of two geeks.  Here's the second letter I wrote to her.

Dear J --

I hope you are learning how to defend our castle in case of attack.  It's very important job and you know that your dad and I are too busy writing software to learn the intricacies of archery or jousting.  It's all in your hands.

Similarly, when you return your responsibilities will include the care and maintenance of all of our leatherwork.  That will make my life even more easier than when you learned to clean out the dishwasher!

Have your magic skills increased to the point you can make broccoli disappear, yet?  If that's the case, this camp is worth every cent!  (Heck, I'd even be satisfied if you could only make green beans disappear.)

So there is supposed to be swimming every day at this camp, but there were no swimming pools in renaissance England that I'm aware of.  I assume, therefore, that you are swimming in the moat to the castle.  Do be careful, J.  Those moats often have sea monsters in them imported from the Far East.

I expect that you haven't brushed your hair once since arriving -- don't worry, I think the classic short "page boy" haircuit you'll have after we cut the snarls and tangles out will suit your new knowledge of chivalry very well.

One thing I am looking forward to after your return is increased bravery -- surely taking hot dishes out of the oven will be a piece of cake after blacksmithing!

Love you lots!


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