Friday, May 25, 2007

In Praise of Jazzercise

I'm both proud and embarrassed to admit this, but as of yesterday evening I've taken 50 Jazzercise classes since January 1st.

When you think Jazzercise, you may be picturing leg warmers and sweat bands, but let me tell you -- it's an incredibly good workout. 40 minutes of cardio, followed by 20 minutes of strength training and stretching means you don't have to do anything else to get a full workout. Different instructors and music that changes every class means you don't get bored. It's basically a dance class, albeit a relatively simple yet fast-moving one.

As Ben says, "This is the only excercise you've ever done where I don't have to push you out the door -- you actually *want* to go." And the proof is in the pudding -- I have muscle definition all over, have lost 7 pounds, and have enough dedication that I think I may have found an excercise regimen I can do for life... (Although I'm not the youngest person in class at all, there are also 70 year olds there... That Jazzercise attracts that range of ages is pretty cool!)


mamacita said...

Okay, so exactly how coordinated do you have to be to do Jazzercise? Cause I've always thought it sounded appealing, but, even apart from having no rhythm at all, I am afraid I would fall and break my neck trying to do the moves.

Sara said...

Have you ever taken dance? Can you clap in time to music? I think it would be hard if you are rhythmicly challenged, but as long as you can count music I think it would be fine. You might not get ever move, but no one laughs at you and they repeat a lot of the same moves multiple times. You could actually check out this part of their website to see if you could handle the moves: