Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's showering babies, part II

For some reason, it's baby shower season. I hosted the aforementioned baby shower last weekend, I have another one this weekend, and yet another one next weekend. Since the point of showers is to, well, shower the parents-to-be with gifts, I thought in a fit of exhibitionist consumerism I would mention what I'm giving as gifts at these showers.

For the Little Monster shower -- whose mom is also my oldest friends (22 years and counting) -- alterna-trendy, design conscious filmmaker/musician family:

A Wedgehead Uglydoll (I didn't pay full price, but no one knows that...)

A pair of pirate Robeez (the baby will be a girl, but who cares). Based on the dad-to-be's comment "Pirates are very popular right now" I'm guessing they'll be using the gift receipt on this one.

A black Old Navy baby tank

that I modded with a white flocked velvet gothic cross iron-on (the dad-to-be liked this one...)

And a Skip Hop Changing Pad -- the only thing I got them that they registered for.

I didn't go so crazy on the other showers (how often does your best friend have a baby?), so I'll mention those in a separate post.

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