Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So my mother recently purchased a smoker. Being an extrememly frugal person, she feels she has to 1) make her money back on the purchase as quickly as possible and 2) max the output of the smoker each time she runs it. What this means is we have a plethora of smoked delicacies, most sent home as leftovers for us to cook with over the week. As a sample, here's what was on the menu last week:

* smoked chicken and smoked cheddar quesadillas
* smoked portabello mushrooms with smoked port salut melted on top
* enchiladas made from smoked colby, topped with Mexican Garlic Cumin Sauce mixed with Fire Roasted Tomatoes.

Not to mention some random smoked meats.

Smoked cheese is pretty incredible. I don't think we've eaten so well in a very long time.

This week it's Ben's turn to cook, and he's starting with a smoked brisket that is very tasty. Last night's dinner was a stewish sort of creation with more of the fire roasted tomatoes, a lot of wine, and the aforementioned brisket (diced), served over rice. It was delicious!

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