Friday, January 05, 2007

Dressr Update!

So I claim over there in the sidebar that this blog is about me AND my Clueless-inspired (the movie, duh) wardrobe management system, Dressr.... But I haven't said much about it recently, have I? So... inspired by Pamela Slim's "Start Playing Big" podcast, I'm going to start talking about it, instead of sitting on it quietly....

Let's see.... where to start? I went into Alpha testing in September of last year, had my sister start testing it, and bam! realized just how many of the little things I had forgotten. Some of it should be easy to fix -- setting up user accounts, for instance -- but pieces like making it easy to get pieces of clothing into the system (pretty important, no?) needed some major work. Unfortunately, immediately after these discoveries the server crashed and it took 2 months to get it running again. (I had backups; but we had to ship the entire system to Shuttle *twice* and get an independent analysis by Laboratory Computers here in Austin before they agreed that their motherboard couldn't handle the heat the AMD chipset was putting out.)

Anyway, this was a pretty major obstacle; logistically and emotionally. I lost some time sitting on my butt after that, but now I am raring to go. It's helped that I've decided to go to SXSW Interactive this year -- I've always known that have a deadline and having people to talk to about Dressr is the best motivation for getting things done, so now I have both! (Knowing that there would be friends like Asha at SXSW helped me decided -- and now I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner...)

OK, this is the "emotional" update -- I'll close out for now, but am going to post some of the specific project status in the next couple of days, and send a note out to my friends to get them to start reading this blog and keep me accountable!

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