Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everyone's a stylist

I had a lot of fun last night taking Ben's picture for his LibraryThing profile. We must have gone through about 20 different tries, modifying wardrobe and props for each one. The setting was a no-brainer -- in front of a bookshelf, preferably his most esoteric books. Props were a bit harder -- we started with a nice pedestal glass of beer, tried a couple different pipes, and ended up going the simpler route with none. Wardrobe, too, was modified -- we started with just a t-shirt (it's ThinkGeek's French Linux t-shirt, although you can't see it), but decided to add his blazer when we were pumping up the pomposity. Blazer and no pipe turned out strike the right chord.
Ben tends to squint when he is smiling, so after trying some different facial expressions we got this one -- a nice smoldering gaze.

It was fun!


Ben Brumfield said...

Kendall says I look really unfriendly in the photo.

Prentiss Riddle said...

Somewhere once I saw a site which promised to boost your chances at romance by connecting you with a local stylist/photographer for the perfect online personals photo. I think their fees started at $250 or something.

I once suggested we do the same thing for Austinbloggers: find an amateur who'd bring proper lights and whatnot to our monthly gathering and do portraits of all of us in return for tips. It could work, except I'll bet all of us bloggy exhibitionists turn shy in front of a camera.