Friday, January 05, 2007

Huddle for Excellence

huddle for excellence
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On the way back from our Christmas vacation, I noticed this painted spot outside our gate in Greensboro. It says "Huddle for Excellence." I'm assuming it is a safety thing (everyone stand here while the plan backs out?), but it seems an absurd example of corporate-speak to me.

Google doesn't seem to know anything about "Huddle for Excellence", but it did show that I'm not the only person who thought it noteworthy -- Alodi on flickr has a picture of it, too.

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Anonymous said...

I also noticed this marking.


Huddle for Excellence Recurrent Training

All Delta ground crews involved in handling aircraft in the gate area are required to conduct a "Huddle
for Excellence" prior to the arrival or departure of each flight. In this "huddle," proper aircraft handling procedures are reviewed, task assignments are made, and the gate area is checked for FOD [foreign object damage] and ground service equipment. As part of the "Huddle for Excellence" program, all personnel are required to attend annual recurrent training on aircraft ground handling procedures. We are using this annual recurrent training as an opportunity to reinforce ramp resource management skills and to address human factors areas of special concern.