Thursday, June 14, 2007

2 new business ideas

What I do in my spare time -- generate business ideas.

1) "Beauty Camp" -- Summer daycamp for tweens that teaches them personal grooming, hair, makeup, etc. I would have loved to learn these skills at that age (heck, I still would!) This would be a perfect income supplement for an independent hair stylist who can block an entire week out of her schedule. I may even mention it to mine.

2) Buy a ShopBot CNC Router, let people CAD up designs for it, and produce on demand for a fee -- based on the fact that the creatives at 3 Ring Design all wanted to design their own desks (follow the link, it's really good), I think there are people out there (like me!) who'd love to get their hands on one but couldn't affort the $12K and up pricetag.


mamacita said...

One popular birthday party among the 9-and-up set is having a beauty party at a salon, where the girls get their hair done w/ spray glitter, etc.

Anonymous said...
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Michael Perth said...

a shopbot is a very good idea if you have the space to set it up, and the time to get acclimated to it