Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things that just work.

One of the benefits of being in my 3rd decade is that some things, at least, I've got figured out. I was thinking about this in the shower the other day -- that I've stopped experimenting in certain categories because I'm so pleased with the solutions I've found. So... drum roll please.... here's my "things that just work" list for personal grooming.

1) Shampoo and Conditioner. Generic/private label version of Pantene Pro-V. I'd tried any number of fancy salon brands, some of which really dried out my hair. This one just works.

2) Dentek Floss Picks. Anything you can use for less than a month that improves your dental "scores" for gum disease.... These take the yuckiness out of flossing your teeth and you can floss while reading (or driving or playing... any amount of multitasking that doesn't require speaking or both hands)

3) Shaving cream. Don't bother, just use the cheap conditioner from your shampoo and conditioner in #1. Added bonus -- one fewer bottle sitting on the shelf in the shower.

4) Clearasil Daily Cleanser. The only acne wash I've found that successfully keeps me from having zits. Anything else and I'm almost guaranteed one or two a month.

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