Friday, June 15, 2007

"Retail Me Not" for Online Coupon Codes

Is everyone else like me? Do you search for coupon codes the moment before you finalize an online purchase?

I just stumbled across a great new web 2.0 site for finding those coupon codes. They aren't paying me to endorse them, but then again, they just saved me $12 so maybe they are!

The site is Retail Me Not -- cute huh?

You can shop by site or by tag. Each coupon code is rated as "works or doesn't" by users -- you don't even have to log in. They are displayed in descreasing success percentages -- so the first one or two should be the most likely to work. There's also comments on each code, so you can find out the "gotchas" before you use them.

It's so well done I fear for the demise of the online coupon code.

Did I mention you can get email notifications when new codes are posted for your favorite stores?


Anonymous said...

As manager of one of the stores featured on "retail me not" it is quite frustrating that people will actually print out the page, and expect it to be honored by the company. Stores are in fact a business, the whole point of witch is to make money. Actual company coupons are featured in magazines catalogs etc... people are ridiculous to expect a store to honor those; I think it's pathetic that you all have nothing better to do than type some codes in to see how often they can be used. If people need to cheat the system to afford the clothing, then perhaps they should shop elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn the difference between "witch" and "which".LOVE to know what store hired you as their manager LOL